Silver Welded Blade

U Type Blade

Product Code : S-01

Welded blades cutting performance is much more better than hot press blades. Both in cutting life and speed. Besides, the diameter can be very big and the segment thickness can be much more thicker than hot press blades or cold press blades. Size from 12″ (300mm) to 80″ (2000mm). Welded blades are more used in bridge saw,Mountain cutter. And mostly to cut big stone blocks.


We have many kinds of diamond saw blades:

There are two kinds of welded blades. Silver welded and laser welded.The difference is in welding procedure. Silver welded blades use silver rod to joint the steel part and diamond segment part by manual. While laser welded blades use professional laser welding machine. So silver welded blades needs water cooling while cutting. But laser welded blades can cut dry. On price, silver welded blades are cheaper than laser welded blades. but on cutting performance, laser welded blades are the best. they can be used under any circumstances.

Diameter(MM) Segment Height(MM) Bore(MM)
300 10 25.4
350 10 25.4
400 10 25.4
450 10 25.4