Hot Pressed

MG-type Turbo

Product Code : H-10

Hiqua hot press MG-type turbo blade for granite,marble,concrete,reinforced concrete.Hot press blades are much better in cutting performance. They can cut much more fast and have much more longer in cutting life than cold press blades. Of course, the price is also much higner. They can cut on very hard stones, like hard granite, sandstone, reinforced concrete and etc. Normally the biggest diameter size for hot press blade is 14″ (350mm) only.If you need bigger size, you should chose silver welded blades or laser welded blades.


We have many kinds of diamond saw blades:

Diameter(MM) Segment Height(MM) Bore(MM)
115 8 22.23
125 8 22.23/25.4
180 8 22.23/25.4
230 8 22.23/25.4
250 9 22.23/25.4
300 10 22.23/25.4
350 10 22.23/25.4